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High-end website design and online marketing campaigns to put your business in front of your potential customers

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Improve your search rankings with white hat SEO from a company that dedicates itself to the art of search engine marketing

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Social Media Marketing

Live in the now with our relationship-building, SEO-improving social media marketing efforts

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Print Advertising

We create visually compelling print ads, brochures, posters, banners, outdoor advertising, trade show booths, and much more.

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Public Relations

Take your story to the world (both online and in print/television) with our integrated copywriting and public relations services.

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Marketing and Advertising in Butler, PA

An integrated marketing and advertising agency in Slippery Rock, PA

The Dines Group is proud to bring integrated marketing and advertising services to Western Pennsylvania. By providing a wealth of marketing disciplines in-house, we give clients the luxury of working with just one marketing team at one ad agency. We understand and utilize the best marketing channels for your business, and we execute all marketing and advertising initiatives internally from a unique, client-focused perspective.

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Our Marketing Services

We offer clients complete, in-house marketing and advertising services that produce an integrated brand approach that provides consistency to an organization. We provide these solutions at an affordable price and believe in the mantra “great marketing is free.” Our work is designed to produce more interest, brand development, online visibility, and revenue that it takes to produce–and our solutions simply pay for themselves as our clients see healthy increases in their sales and customer base.

We offer a wealth of services, including:

Brand Development and Marketing Strategy

When marketing and advertising your brand, there’s nothing more complicated than a buckshot approach that leaves confusion among your potential customers. We’ll help you develop an integrated strategy (short-term, mid-term, and long-term marketing and advertising planning) that will best reach your customers, integrate your brand message, and reduce the amount of marketing spend you make overall by increasing the effectiveness of your marketing communications. Learn more about our marketing strategy development here at The Dines Group.

Website Design and Social Media Marketing

We believe that a great impression can only be made once. While many locations in Western Pennsylvania are still forgiving of a poor website and online presence, those times are changing. With your customer base getting younger, mobile and tablet experiences becoming more prevalent, and the entire nation turning to online search for nearly everything, now is a great time to take your company to a place that will help define the future, attract more customers, increase awareness, and produce higher revenue for your business. Learn more about what we can do for you with our website design services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It’s wonderful to have a great website. It’s, in fact, very important to have a great website. The fun, however, doesn’t stop there–being able to be found is equally important, and here at The Dines Group, search engine optimization is our forte. We really believe that all the work you do–the long hours you invest in the business, your customer service, your product development, etc.–is only truly valuable if people know about it. We’re glad to help your business and its related online social properties rank very well in search, both organic and local organic. We’re huge geeks. There. We said it. But we love SEO and are glad to passionately help grow your business online. Learn more about our love of search engine optimization.

Paid-search Management (SEM)

A lot of how well you can do in search results also depends on your competition. Thankfully, there is paid search for businesses who are looking to make an instant splash or those who are in categories where the level of competition is very high. We’ll be glad to manage your AdWords and other online paid-search campaigns, research, and reporting.

Data Analytics

Your marketing is only as good as you can measure. We, as a marketing agency, are only as good as we can demonstrate. We’re very big proponents of measurable marketing–we want to track and analyze as much about our work as we possibly can. It’s important to you, as a company owner, to develop your brands and services based on actual customer information, patterns, and behaviors. We’ll help you aggregate that data and use it to your advantage. Learn more about our data analytics here at The Dines Group.

Public Relations

PR work is one powerful way to reach your market–whether that’s a local push or a nation-wide PR campaign. While we’re big fans of what is possible with online marketing development, web design, and SEO, there’s still something to be said about the sheer power of grabbing the nation’s media resources and focusing their reach onto your brand. We’ll help you do this. We invite you to learn more about our public relations services.

Print Advertising

Print advertising is still a major way companies do business today. Whether that’s in the form of an ad for a magazine or brochures for the counter at your store, we’ll help you develop an integrated, branded work that best communicates your brand in a beautiful, effective, and professional way. We’ve been developing print advertising for years and lean heavily on our experience when developing our work–we want your efforts to see the maximum return for what goes into them, and strive to speak directly to the customer with the right message at the right time.

A little bit about us

  • We are inspired by nature

    A garden doesn’t grow overnight. It takes dedication, patience, flexibility, and love. We feel the same about how we approach our clients’ brands. Not only will we be excited on the day we plant our garden, but we’ll be happy to be there to protect the fall harvest from an early frost, too.

  • We work together with our clients

    When you work with The Dines Group, your brand becomes our brand, and your company becomes our company. We’re as invested in your success as you are. We always invite our clients to have an active voice in their marketing and share their personal business experiences with us as we plan new marketing strategies.

  • Educated marketing

    We spend our days exploring emerging trends in marketing and advertising, both new and familiar. We facilitate a culture of learning new technologies, concepts, and theories in the world of marketing. We believe that by staying ahead of the changes in the business world, we can best serve our clients in a market that moves faster than it ever has before.

Marketing relationships

the dines group marketing agencyMarketing and advertising agencies abound in our country–and with good reason. If you cannot let the world know about the great products and services you offer, you cannot find the support of the community you need to thrive. When we founded our agency, we asked ourselves “what makes us different?” We thought a lot about the services we offer–they are similar to other agencies. We take great pride in our creativity and execution, and we provide very powerful marketing to our clients. But there are other good agencies out there that also deliver great results, as well.

What makes us different from other agencies is our character. We believe in the power of relationships and we hold that belief throughout all of our work. Marketing in today’s world dives so deeply into channels that remove the face-to-face interactions that the best businesses in our country were founded upon. We believe the value of a true connection with someone is the most important result good marketing can bring. We know how to use both traditional and online marketing to create these relationships. It’s an art to take ever increasing non-intimate marketing channels and garner the same relationships you’d find by shaking someone’s hand and having a genuine conversation. It’s what we do best, because we believe that just because the vernacular of business has changed, the values haven’t.


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