We help both large and small businesses embrace the marketing opportunities available to them through online marketing and traditional advertising efforts.

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Marketing, Advertising, Website Design, Internet Marketing, SEO, and So Much More . . .

We’re a full-service, integrated marketing and advertising agency dedicated to helping small- and medium-sized businesses thrive both on a local level and on the national stage. We’ve spent years working for major marketing agencies and corporations around the country, and now we bring that same high-level thinking to the work that we do here. We offer a wide variety of marketing services under one umbrella (website design, SEO, data analytics, public relations, social media management, online marketing, paid search, print media, direct mail, and so on) because we believe that when one team of marketing professionals is working together on all of your marketing communications, a stronger marketing strategy is able to be executed.

The Start of our Marketing Agency

When we started our agency in 2010, the plan was to bring the high-level marketing, website design, SEO, and traditional print advertising we were doing for major international clients to the small- and medium-sized businesses who can’t otherwise afford to hire the companies we used to work for. Here in 2015, our intention stays the same, and we’ve found it to be an incredible business model.

Marketing and Advertising Your Business

We want to be the people’s champion. We want to be affordable and accessible, and we want to teach as we go. We want to share our passion and knowledge with you, a business owner, and help you see how the right marketing and advertising efforts can ensure the future of your business for generations to come. We want the world to get to know you–not just your company’s name, but who your company is. We want to help you get to know your company better, too. And most importantly . . . we want to make sure we increase your customer base and sales through effective marketing communications to consumers with the right message at the right time.

The Dines Group Marketing and Advertising Businesses Butler PA

Marketing and Advertising Businesses

Marketing and advertising agencies abound in our country–and with good reason. If you cannot let the world know about the great products and services you offer, you cannot find the support of the community you need to thrive. When we founded our agency, we asked ourselves “what makes us different?” We thought a lot about the services we offer–they are similar to other agencies. We take great pride in our creativity and execution, and we provide very powerful marketing to our clients. But there are other good agencies out there that also deliver great results, as well.

What Makes Our Advertising Agency Different from Other Agencies?

What makes us different from other agencies is our character. We believe in the power of relationships and we hold that belief throughout all of our work. Marketing in today’s world dives so deeply into channels that remove the face-to-face interactions that the best businesses in our country were founded upon. We believe the value of a true connection with someone is the most important result good marketing can bring. We know how to use both traditional and online marketing to create these relationships. It’s an art to take ever increasing non-intimate marketing channels and garner the same relationships you’d find by shaking someone’s hand and having a genuine conversation. It’s what we do best, because we believe that just because the vernacular of business has changed, the values haven’t.

Website Design, SEO, Social, and Digital Marketing Strategy

As you approach your industry, the optimal mix of marketing tactics that will work for you will be completely unique to your business. We’ll research and learn all there is to know about how your industry operates and how those who succeed in your industry differentiate themselves from the competition. We’ll work with you to find what makes your company special and share that message with the world. Whether we design a new website or optimize the website you already have, engage in paid search and SEO best practices, or increase your social media and online public relations, our digital marketing and website design team is ready to provide you the optimal mix of services that fit your brand perfectly.

Our Website Design and Online Marketing

We embrace the newest trends in online marketing and website design and we are ready to help you produce incredibly powerful, responsive (mobile friendly) websites that your users will embrace and search engines will rank well. We’re more dedicated to the science of search engine optimization (SEO) than anyone we’ve met so far. We also believe that everything in online marketing should be measured, and we are ready to help you collect, interpret, and draw conclusions your data analytics. We will also help you find that “sweet spot” in your paid advertising (i.e., Google Adwords). And if that isn’t enough . . . we’ll help you reach out to the world through social media from a marketing perspective to ensure a high return on value for all of your online marketing efforts.


Our Marketing and Advertising Work . . .

  • Print-Industrial


    The Challenge: Create a multi-use company brochure that addressed the needs of the major services and products while demonstrating a deeper offering of services customers may not know about. The Results: We created a brochure that highlighted multiple services, the company history, and other important company-specific information into a format that highlights product and service...

  • Print-Pharmacy


    The Challenge: Design a print brochure to carry the pharmacy’s brand in an 8 x 11 tri-fold that can easily be distributed to customers. The Results: We put together a concise, brand-specific tri-fold that not only communicated the services and offerings of the pharmacy, but the Kevin’s Pharmacy brand, as well.

  • Public Relations-Pharmacy

    Public Relations-Pharmacy

    The Challenge: Increase awareness of the great services provided by Kevin’s Pharmacy in Castle Shannon. The Results: We created several public relations campaigns to help spread the word about unique program offerings of the Vial of Life and home grocery delivery, placed throughout many of the top media outlets throughout Pittsburgh.

  • Public Relations-American Lung Association

    Public Relations-American Lung Association

    The Challenge: Help promote the “Fight for Air” for the American Lung Association. The Results: We garnered thousands of dollars in prizes from top Pittsburgh companies (The Carnegie Museum, Seven Springs Ski Resort, etc.), as well as increased awareness through media such as the Post-Gazette, Trib, and KDKA.

  • Website Design-Construction

    Website Design-Construction

    The Challenge: Develop a website for a construction cost control company that captures the success and character of the brand. The Results: We designed an SEO-friendly, visually-stunning website for the WordPress platform that incorporated moving video backgrounds, robust footers, and a simple, effective path to conversion.

  • Website Design–Medical

    Website Design–Medical

    The Challenge: Redesign the brand and outward marketing efforts of a pharmacy to feature the doctor behind the brand and the wonderful services the pharmacy provides. The Results: After a redesign of the branding, we designed an SEO-friendly, visually-stunning website for the WordPress platform that helped feature the doctor of pharmacy and his new brand approach.

    DetailsKevin's Pharmacy
  • Website Design-Fashion

    Website Design-Fashion

    The Challenge: Create a modern website that embodies the beautiful approach of the brand. The Results: We designed a website that is both accomplished on a technical side (SEO), as well as one that captures the beauty and elegance of the brand. Her business has increased several times over and we’ve added powerful social media...

    DetailsShelby Dines Makeup
  • Website Design–Industrial

    Website Design–Industrial

    The Challenge: Develop a website for an industrial parts and sealants company who actually provides a lot more than meets the eye. The Results: We designed an SEO-friendly, visually-stunning website for the WordPress platform that incorporated the many parts and services that the company provides, in addition to a redesign of their brand/logo/identity.

  • Website Design – Construction

    Website Design – Construction

    The Challenge: Develop a website for a carpentry company that was able to communicate their beautiful workmanship and deep service offerings. The Results: We designed an HTML site for Perfect Home Carpentry that provides a simple UI for specific service discovery while still highlighting the scope of services that they offer. We also used large imagery to...

    DetailsPerfect Home Carpentry
Our Marketing, Website Design, and Advertising Work

Some of Our Award-winning Clients . . .

Perfect Home
Teach Back
Duckstein Restoration
IGS Industries
Three Rivers Optical
Kevin’s Pharmacy
Six Pack Training

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Our Marketing Promise to You

A lot of times, business feel that they can’t be competitive with some of the massive organizations that compete in their industry. Other times, business owners aren’t quite sure of what to do when it comes to marketing and rely on word-of-mouth to grow their business. Still more feel that they may not have the budget for high-quality marketing and advertising efforts, especially when it comes to website design and SEO.

Whatever the reason that may be holding you back, let us reassure you that we’ll be glad to work with you to help you realize that even small businesses can have a major impact with the right marketing and advertising. You have to remind yourself that every big business, including Facebook and Amazon, started as a small business one day. We’ll help you grow in your community, your region, or across the nation.

We promise.


Ter Dines
Founder and CEO of The Dines Group

the dines group marketing and advertising promise